Women’s Day


By Satish Girirajan

March 8 was Women’s Day. I have lost touch with what day it is really unless I open up Facebook and see various status messages posted by people. That’s how I know its Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or any other day. This year I was determined to make Women’s Day meaningful – more than sending out mails to all the wonderful women I know or putting up a witty Facebook status – so I decided to do something.

With that intent, I researched events in the city, and saw, well, marches and protests and speeches..Hmm..not really up my alley. Then I saw events like “Free Drinks for the Ladies” today..tempting but again, not really. Make no mistake, maybe next year, I will go for one of the former and then head straight to the latter.

But then, it got me thinking – why do we celebrate Women’s Day? According to Wiki, on International Women’s Day, different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women’s economic, political and social achievements. That’s what I thought. To celebrate women. But are we really?

Sure, women are much better off than they were years ago, we’re not burning them anymore and most of them actually do we have a chance at education and a career. But while things are getting better, there are horrifying things happening to the very same women across the world. Rape, murder, discrimination, abuse – you name it and it’s there. And then there are stories we don’t even hear.

While I am proud to say that I come from India, recent events like the rape in Delhi, left me horrified. I mean we know Delhi is unsafe, I think recently it was polled the most un safe city in the world for women, but the audacity that anyone could think that they could get away with something like this is just appalling.

There are so many things we wish we could change in this world, but we can change one small thing in our lives. We take the women in our lives for granted. Our mothers, wives or sisters – wonderful women who do so much and are so capable – so we ever tell them that? I am a raging feminist – I would never deny that, but small things like appreciating and celebrating the women in our lives do really make a difference. A celebration does not mean throwing a huge party, or a fancy dinner ( though those are most welcome ! ). To me, its small things like a good word or some encouragement, and support.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we should never underestimate or put down the women in our lives. Especially the ones that matter to us. On the same note, women ourselves should be the first ones to hold ourselves up proudly. There are so many things I am capable of, and I am nowhere near discovering anything close to it.

So on this day, I decided to do something for myself – yes, a manicure. And yes, update my Facebook with a witty status.