The importance of being bright (nail polish).

I was having a really bad day at work. And while I was figuring how to cheer myself up – chocolate usually worked, but I had run out…a walk perhaps, but it was snowing outside, and lets’s face it, I’m downright lazy to even get off my backside  – I glanced down at my feet , and saw the most depressing sight ever. Dull feet encased in dull stockings with even duller shoes. Whoever said dull is what should be worn to work? Grey suits, black shoes.


And that got me thinking – of all the body parts we look at more often ( and I realize that sounds creepy ), it seems we stare at our feet most often. At least I do. I cook and I look down and there they are. I work and I look down and there they are. I sleep and I wake up and look down and there they are. Well… essentially, there they are.Whoever pays attention to feet anyway? Beauty is so focused on the face and the hair and the body, and the feet are an after thought. No, I do not have a foot fetish. But I realized that considering my feet come into my line of vision a lot during the day, they deserve a little more respect. Our feet carry us wherever we go ( and who knows what kind of crap we are stepping in ), and it is nice to have a pretty sight in front of my eyes.

I put my theory to test. And it worked. The next day, I came to work with bright red nailpolish on my feet. And the next time I felt irritated, I looked down and saw my bright toe nails peeking out out of my dull staid shoes – and smiled. They reminded me of the brighter, better things that awaited me.

So the next time I’m having a bad day, instead of chocolate, I just grab my brightest bottle of nailpolish. So far it seems to work. Until I run out of nail polish. Then it’s back to chocolate.